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Who are we ?

We are dynamic, hard-working team of translators and interpreters
who share a love for languages. All of us have university qualifications in translation and interpreting.

Our mission

Do you need to communicate a consistent message regardless of the language ? Count on us to help you achieve this ambitious goal ! Our work is defined by a sense of loyalty and confidentiality.

Our services

We work in a wide range of fields.
You can always rely on us to ensure that the target audience fully understands the subtle nuances of your message.
We make sure that your expertise is given the pride of place that it deserves.

A passion for languages

We are driven by our passion for languages and would love to share it with you. And we never back away from a challenge.
Do you need us to revise/edit your documents or arrange language coaching ?
You have come to the right place !

What makes us special

Our translators always translate into their own native languages. They work together as a team, which enables them to share ideas and adopt a highly creative approach.

We provide a specially tailored service for your texts.

We continuously undergo training, in order to keep up-to-date with the latest terminology and technology !
We never stop working to improve the quality of our service, which includes using highly efficient information technology.
What makes us special is that we work in a variety of specialist fields, including construction, banking, insurance, distribution and transport ...


Pages translated
Kilometres travelled
Cups of coffee
Words translated

Our Services


Our translators only translate into their own native languages.

We believe that every translation needs to be discussed in detail by speakers of the source and target language.

We closely monitor the latest technological advances and keep up-to-date with the relevant terminology.


Interpreting means converting a spoken message from one language to another. This can happen at meetings, conferences, site visits and in many other situations.

We can provide a solution for every specific situation. What if you do not have interpreting booths or equipment ?

No problem - Building Words can provide what you need !

Click here to see us at work.


Allow us to improve the quality of your documents. We pay close attention to the smallest details, including spellings.

Of course, grammar, syntax and style are also very important to us. We will also give your text the necessary punch, so that you can communicate your message effectively.

It goes without saying that we think about the target audience and use words that really hit the mark ! Why not give us a try?


Our experience of using languages, in the spoken and written form, enables us to provide the right expertise when it comes to consulting.

Are you about to welcome an important guest who may not speak your language or maybe a group of foreign visitors wishing to visit your organisation or company ?

We can provide optimum solutions, in order to take your expertise further !


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Our offices can be visited by arrangement.

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